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Begining with an overall development and audit of the marketing, we designed and built the corporate website for Millennium Global Investments Ltd.

The greatest challenge we faced with developing this website was communicating the complex subject and defining the key differences between their solutions in a clear and attractive way. 

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Institutional currency investment is complex by nature and there are also marketing legal challenges that need to be overcome.

Millennium wanted to address the issues of trust and reliability that the financial institutional industry has suffered over recent years. 

We have addressed these issues by designing a clear and uncluttered UI and navigation built on a responsive framework (the ability to view the content on any device). Using photography and diagrams the information is delivered in an open way to further establish trust.

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Many financial institutions seem faceless and unapproachable. We have addressed this by introducing videos from the Chairman and CEO - clearly defining the companies values and its mission.  The key management team are visible with their photos and a statement of their role.

Built in a content manager using HTML5 and CSS3 and on a responsive framework which is compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Millennium is also able to create a login area and private members portal. They able to upload reports, research and post news, keeping the website fresh and valuable to the end user.

Check out the brochure we produced here.

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