Brochure Design // Millennium Global Brochure

Brochure design, including slip case and fly-out center spread

A beautiful 24pp corporate brochure designed and printed for Millennium Global. Designed and crafted to be a companion piece to the website.

The brochure reflects the themes of clarity and simplicity, with abstract photographic images, a throw out 4 page section detailing all the product solutions. The feeling of quality is further enhanced with the use of translucent end papers and covers embossed on GF Smith Plike.


Fine line diagrams are used in conjuntion with stripped down graphs and charts adding to the clear and modern styling. The brochure slides effortlessly into an embossed slipcase.

The importance of handing over a physical brochure may seem out moded in our modern internet age but there is nothing more impressive.

When communicating complex subjects such as international foreign exchange investment the ability to sit and read about what Millennium Global can offer to its clients brings clarity and gravatas.

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