Brochure Design // Darent Valley Hospital New Born Advice

Booklet design, over 30 pages of guidence for new families

On the arrival of a new baby, the last thing mum needs is to be handed by the Midwife a collection of leaflets and photocopies with advice and information for caring for your new born baby. This is exactly the situation that the Midwife team have found themselves in at Darent Valley Hospital.

In those first few hours and days the booklet helps by covering all the major points, thereby not leaving the new mum with out any advice or information also where to turn it she needs more help. The 32 page booklet distills the current advice to new mums and points them in right direction as to where they can find more detail online. 

It covers the role of the health care services available to mums, the babies health, mums health and general advice and contact information.

We worked with the Midwife team on the copy and provided an appropriate clear design and a document that is easy to navigate.

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