Branding // Swarm - Brand refresh

"Nothings changed so don't change it too much"
"We need to be clearer about what we do"
"We know what we are not, but not what we are"

I can help clarify and focus your brand, give it a refresh and a rethink. Many established business look at their brand and ask does it reflect what our business is now. Does it work across digital media and all the other new channels we have to communicate with our clients through? 
Does it communicate our purpose, mission and culture... in short. 

Is this us!

No one wants to throw the baby out with the bathwater. What had value then may still have value now its important to maintain consistency and keep any brand equity. 

This was the challenge with Swarm - defining what they are and what they are not. Their language and define the target market and analyse the competition.  

Creating a new brand book, developing the identity with a stripped-back colour pallet and a range of animations and graphic assets to use as required.

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