Branding // Ortus Events Space

Branding, brand book, wayfinding and website design.

The Ortus event venue is on the SLaM campus in Denmark Hill, our brief was to develop an identity that linked and complimented Maudsley Learning but also established the space as a stand alone venue, encouraging a variety of events outside the regular scope offered by Maudsley.

Ortus features a large entrance graphic to help visitor understand the layout of the centre on their arrival, combined with the digital information screens and the elegant clue signage. The clue signage was  clear black typography applied in vinyl to the polished concrete walls. and bespoke BS standard system was created for the mandatory health and safety signage.


We also were instructed to design and produce the content for the wayfinding and digital signage at the Ortus venue.  An elegant graphical template,  promotes events and room locations, displayed on six information servers and an entrance screen.

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