Exhibition & Signage // SEGRO Marketing Suite

Motion graphics, concepts and stand design

Partnering with SWARM to support their vision for a state of the art marketing suite for SEGRO in Slough.

The suite takes you on a tour of the business success stories and major events in Slough that are linked to SEGRO and the benefits of establishing your business at the IQ site.

The suite includes the history of MARS, and display areas for O2 and Blackberry, also the story of the development of the LeMans winning Ford GT which includes a peppers ghost and the recreation of a modellers desk at the studios for the production of the TV show Thunderbirds. This are represented with graphics, videos and interactives.

We created a MARS timeline and video game graphics that asks you multiple choice questions and the clues appear in a graphic that reaches around the touch screens.

The molecules structure represents the concentration of pharmaceutical business in the area, it includes a camera that scans your body and then each screen then represents further scans of your brain and synapse, this was achieved with a infrared camera and motion graphics which we produced and designed to create the effect.

We designed the O2 graphic representing it's enviromental creditials for its new building.


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