Our guide to writing a design brief

Our guide outlines some of the questions a good designer or agency will want to ask you before they can offer you an estimate, or provide you with ideas. Having this information now will help you define your business idea and make for a better and more successful business as well as achieve a better relationship with your designer.

So what is a design brief?

It’s about defining the design problem, based on your business needs.This guide can be applied to any business problem that might be; “I have started a new business I need a to make potential customers aware and gather more business and possibly expand.” Therefore we need to know more.

What will the designer or design agency do?

Once they have a brief they can offer you a quote for the work, show you examples or present some ideas. It may be that the designer has experience within your industry or they have solved a similar problem. But remember its the business need that you are trying to satisfy and not the aesthetics, the designer should handle that, there is no reason why you don't say what you like and don't like the two should not be confused.

What our guide covers

  • Think about what your business does for its customers, not the service the outcome.

  • What makes your business different. Exploring this and the possibilities.

  • Think about the personality of the business.

  • Who are your customers and can you profile them.

  • What is your budget.

  • When do you need it!

We use this tool professionally with all our clients and we are NOW making it publicly available.

Download our guide if;

  • You need to create a design brief for any design problem.

  • You need to create a website, brochure, advertising or brand identity.

  • You need to brief a designer or design agency.

We have developed this easy to follow action plan to kickstart this process for you.

  • Make the process systematic and simple.

  • Define the brief and create a platform on which to build really great ideas.

  • Save time and money to avoid exploring irrelevant concepts and directions.

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