User Interface (UI) Design and Prototyping

Making useful applications is a great way for brands to add value to a customers experience whether presales or after sales. 

If you are porting an existing system or building a new application, conveying the brand and building a seamless intuitive interface goes hand in hand.

Just adding the right colours and the logo will not cut it for today's apps. Building the user interface whilst being mindful of what the user expects from the brand. Is it recognisable images and features they have experienced elsewhere, or the customer service, or possibly the language that is used to describe services. Consistency is key to delivery an enviable user experience.

Design can save you money by prototyping and user testing before any development sprints begin. Explore different options and visualise and animate the experience before a single line of code has been written.

  • We design applications.
  • Conceptualise user interfaces.
  • Design user journeys and experiences.
  • Prototype features and functions.
  • Concept graphics and designs from wireframes.
  • Application animation demos.
  • Branding overlays.

Our current work is under an NDA. So please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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