The world's most expensive website

The most expensive website is the one that doesn't work for your business whether you have a budget of £100 or £100,000.


"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the problem is I don't know which half" - Lord Leverhulme (British founder of Unilever)


A website that works is one that reflects your business, showcases your work, sells your products and can be adapted and moulded over time to become exactly what you need. Websites are no longer static they should evolve as your business moves on and as the market changes.


These are just the basics, whether your website is successful or not is down to you clarifying from the start what you want your website to achieve.


These are the sort of questions we ask our clients before we start designing and building a website:

  1. Who is your audience - who are you targeting and what do they want from your organisation? You could do a straw poll of your current customers. 
  2. What are the features of your business - what are your products or services? 
  3. What benefits do you offer customers - what makes your products or services different to your competitors? 
  4. Who are your competitors - what are they doing? Who is doing it well, and who is doing it badly? What can you learn? 
  5. What are your organisation's aspirations? What do you want your website to do - raise awareness - sell products from the page? 

You are now halfway to defining a creative brief - get a designer involved!


We have prepared a guide to writing a brief to help you get your initial ideas out of your head and on to paper, download it here. This guide isn't just for website design, it can help with branding, brochures and marketing campaigns too.