Telefónica UK Unveil Stunning Three Dimensional Screen

Telefónica UK, which operates the O2 commercial brand in the UK, has installed a state of the art digital sculpture at their new headquarters building in Slough. The Digital Ribbon, which we conceptualised and refined the design in partnership with SWARM, it is a unique representation of O2‘s brand values.

The O2 Ribbon - Looking East

Stretching over 12 metres the ribbon of screens ascends out of the atrium floor, twisting and turning as it winds its way across the reception area like a digital streamer. The polished exterior surface reflects the surrounding environment and the unique LED screens communicate the latest campaigns, strategies and real time information.


Art and engineering come together in the beautiful slender ribbon design which is packed with the latest LED technology. Flexible tiles make up the screen which displays full colour video and graphics at a resolution of 1230 X 64. Achieving the shape in itself was a technical feat. To make the Ribbon effortlessly flow around the space it had to be precisely engineered to ensure it had structural integrity with the minimum of supports. Swarm’s designers and engineers worked meticulously to achieve this. The result is stainless steel ribs which are laser cut, rolled and then assembled as an interlocking 3D puzzle.

The O2 Ribbon  - Rear View

The control software ensures the installation is future proof with the opportunity to update content and add peripheral interfaces for interactivity.

The O2 Ribbon - Looking west

Amanda Clay, Head of Brand Management, Telefónica Europe said, “Innovation is at the heart of O2’s DNA, we’re constantly striving to do things differently. Internally is no different. We selected Swam as we wanted something unique in our head office reception, which would capture our employees and visitors imagination and attention.  This is not just a beautiful piece of art, but an effective communications channel.”


Project Director Ray Harris at SWARM said “This installation perfectly demonstrates the importance of understanding design, materials, technology and manufacturing. The convergence of which sit at the heart of Swarm’s ethos”