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archer stay on target


As we have said, to promote your business effectively you need to know your customer. You also need to know your market.


Here are four key questions you should ask before starting a new business or a new marketing campaign.

  1. Who are my customers? (age, gender, income/budget, location)
  2. How big is the market? (competition, market share)
  3. What are market trends? (predictions for growth or innovation)
  4. Are there specific groups within the market? (buyer behaviour, lifestyle, existing product/market knowledge)

The last question is the most important for continuing marketing activity. To be effective in your promotions as soon as a significant segment is identified within your customer base you should focus your content to their specific needs. By doing this your promotions will become more effective, easier and efficient.


Before we engage in any design or concept development we would ask these questions of your business to ensure the effectiveness of our design solution.


But how do you communicate with the target..