Who wants to be generic


millennium global website design


It seems to me that a lot of websites are very similar, they feature a home page with a large photo which seems to be of little relevance, it's probably blurred. It has text floated over the top that bears no relationship to the company or what it does ...  I forget why I’m there.


We design and build relevant websites, they are part of your marketing mix, a tool to back-up your sales pitch, quantify activity and can be continually improved. They are responsive so they can be seen across all devices. Built on a robust content management system so you can have control day to day.

The websites I build are designed and coded by hand - like the one in the picture above.


I listen and ask questions to dig a little deeper to understand what you need, researching your market and providing a solution that fits - I don’t just update a template I created 5 years ago.


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Millennium Global - Institutional Currency Investment.

Leader Excellence - Discussion and events.