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We pride ourselves in our original thinking, creative ideas, and our ability to communicate them effectively across all aspects of graphic media.

At MSDC we are graphic designers that create brand identities, design websites, write advertising and produce beautiful graphics and have been delivering successful results for our clients since 1994. 

Our design agency helps our clients build successful brands, implement creative strategies that promote their products or services with a clear and distinctive voice.

We work with international brands to SME's such as O2 and Hammerson to Oak Interiors and Ambitus, we also dedicate time to Darent Valley Hospital, supporting its charitable giving campaigns for Little Buds and The Lollipop Appeal. We also helped found MoE Foundation, because we believe that great design should make a difference.


We are experts in branding but our experience is broad. We have branded a hotel on The Nile, event space in South London, an estate agent and a mentor to name but four. Visit our portfolio to see the full breadth of work. We have also produced a guide to help our customers kickstart the branding process.

But we don't just work on branding and identity we have been working online since the dawn of the web, and have been building websites since CompuServe and AOL were the only way to get an email. We now build sophisticated websites to help clients promote their businesses and services.

We still design and create brochures and leaflets for print (it's not dead yet) we have also produced books for first time authors and catalogues for education.

What really gets our juices going are the special projects, where we get to push the boundaries and do what we don't normally do. Examples include the Digital Ribbon and Legacy Cauldron, we have also made short films, videos and tv commercials.

We are a family business, founded by Margaret Shepherd (MS Design Company) and now owned by her son Jake Shepherd, we employ an enthusiastic and talented design team, operating from offices overlooking the Thames in the Heritage Quarter of Gravesend, Kent. 

We look forward to working with you. 

Contact Jake on 01474 320 020


Our clients say 'we get the job done' and produce 'excellent work' and 'exceed expectations'.

"Jake and his team run a friendly, efficient design agency and they are great to work with on all the levels that are important. I highly recommend him"
Lesley Marsh 

"Jake took real time to get to know me - his customer - and to understand me and my needs - and what success would look like for me. He then set about creating something that not only met my expectations but exceeded them. Every time. All of Jake's work is delivered on budget, on time and exceeding expectations. He is a delight to deal with, collaborative and customer-centric - but also brave enough to stand up for something that would look better the way he has it in his mind's eye - and he is invariably correct. I could not be happier with my new website (www.davidcmcarter.com) which has had so many amazing comments from people. I continue now to work with Jake on many other important projects where the design and feel are so important. I like the sense that he is also looking after my brand - not just me."
David CM Carter

"Jake has worked with Maudsley Learning from the conception of the business and has continued to work with us over the past year. He developed our company brand, built our website, tweaked our brand to be used in other contexts and developed/ delivered our signage strategy. At each stage, it has been a pleasure to work with him! He 'got us' quickly, he is responsive to feedback and he delivers."
Genevieve Glover

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