2014 Christmas Quiz Answers

MSDC 2014 Christmas Quiz

Every year we create a quiz, game or bespoke card. This year is no different. We have plumped for a picture quiz. Can you work out the films from the still. Answers on a post card.

A website should be as unique as you

Do you really want a website that was designed 5 years ago built on a template that everyone in the world is using. Do you really want to be the the same.

Just like you - Your brand needs to be distinctive

Your customers are just like you. And your competitors customers are like yours. There is nothing standing in the way of your business growing. Your brand needs to be distinctive and memorable so that it easy to choose you.

Stay on target

As we have said, to promote your business effectively you need to know your customer. You also need to know your market.

Lets get physical

How do you really know what your customers want without asking them?

Meme Seven

a short meme on seven and the world cup

Communication Communication Communication

The type of communication you use to target your customers is critical to the effectiveness of your business.

Honesty is the best policy

Your brand isn’t just what you say it is. It’s defined by what people think and how people feel when they see or hear your company’s name.

Hey Big Spender

Your brand is important to success, but many worry about the money involved. But can you afford not to build a strong identity for your business. It is an investment of time and energy as much as money.

Every little helps

Spending time on your business identity adds value to your offer. People are generally willing to pay more for a branded product.

It is the name of the game

Choosing your business name can be a difficult task, but this is the most important aspect to set the tone and personality of your product or service.

ORTUS - Wins Civic Trust Award

ORTUS - Wins Civic Trust Award, MSDC branded and designed a clear signage package both physical and digital solution.

Come on down the price is right

Your budget is the most important part of any branding project. It is an investment not an expense, one that will deliver an expected return over time.

Spot the difference

Competition is healthy, it keeps you on your toes.Knowing your competition is even healthier, don’t rest on your laurels.

Knowing me knowing you

What sets a good business apart from an exceptional business is what they know about their customers.

I still haven't found what i'm looking for

Where you promote your business is an important consideration. You need to think of your customer first and how they might look for your products or services.

Great kid, don't get cocky

Your business might do it all, but bombarding your customer with your endless talents might just confuse them.

Pick me Pick me

Every business is unique, you just need to show your customer.

When I grow up I want to be Damian Lewis

When I grow up I want to be Damian Lewis. Giving your business a personality can help you to communicate with your audience

Are you lost in translation?

Lost in translation? Are you communicating with your customer in a way that they understand?

I love it! What is it?

I love it, What is it? communciating to your customer to create the need for your business.

A standout colour

Does colour matter in design to promote your business - what colour is the market leader

Need a pick-me-up?

Creative Health Check

I see no ships!

Advertising as seen on our local high street

The real thing

The real thing - A beautifully designed brochure that exudes quality from the writing and photography.

A graphic designers Christmas card

Our 2011 christmas card - A graphic designers Christmas card

Handmade christmas card

Our 2011 christmas card

The world's most expensive website

A website that works is one that reflects your business, showcases your work, sells your products and can be adapted and moulded over time to become exactly what you need. Websites are no longer static they should evolve as your business moves on and as the market changes.

Probably the longest TV in the world

Making of the 02 Digital Ribbon